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Bike-friendly services

Services dedicated to the bicycle tourist

Bike Service

Our minivans are at your disposal for the transport of luggage from one hotel to another.

You can contact our team to book the transport of your luggage to the hotel of your choice or the transport of your bicycle to your accommodation.

Ask our team through

You can replace your bike with the rental of one suitable for the route, which we will make you find where you want.

You can book our partner taxi for the return and you will find your bike at the point of arrival that you indicate to us, with the guarantee of custody and insurance against theft.

If you want to travel by public transport (train, bus) we will let you find your bike upon your arrival.




Bike Rental

We have a large number of bicycles of various types throughout the territory in the affiliated rental points (info-bikes).

Traditional or electric bikes are all supplied with helmets, lights and any accessories. Traditional or electric bikes are all supplied with helmets, lights and any accessories.

In our bike rentals and other affiliates throughout northeastern Italy (info-bike).

On request, our bicycles, with the accessories you need for your trip, you can receive them wherever you are, without worrying about having to load and transport the bikes with your own means.

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In addition to bicycles you will also find a lot of information for other services, visits, experiences, itineraries, various services and mini-offers ready for you.

Trip planning

The best route

We can help you create your journey, from dream to reality.

You tell us the type of trip you like and we will help you find

  • the best route
  • public transport
  • points of interest
  • experiences
  • the resting points
  • accommodation

How? with an interactive GPX!

You can upload the gpx track for navigation to your GPS player and the geo-referenced travel directions with all the way-points and route information on your smartphone.

Our travel assistance is 7/24.

And if you like we can book for you everything you need that makes up the trip.

Travel services

Bike guide, a friend with you

If you want to have the peace of mind of traveling without worries about routes, travel times and booking management, use our AIG2R bike guides.

They are professionals of accompaniment by bike, they know the routes and attractions to see, the experiences to live and the food and wine meetings not to be missed.

Le nostre guide hanno tutte le competenze tecniche per viaggiare in sicurezza, senza inconvenienti fisici o meccanici.

They are AIG2R guides with international ISO 21102 “Leader Adventure Tourism” certificate.

A friend who knows the routes and tells you about the places you will visit, where he himself lives, a little like being at home.

To plan a bike trip you need to find and stop in welcoming and bike-friendly hotels, used to hosting tourists on bikes.

We do not sell rooms, we recommend the rooms for you, with the experience of knowing the route and entering the stop along it.

All the hotels are welcoming, but if they are along the route you avoid wasting time and if they are used to the tourist on a bicycle you avoid nasty surprises: we can give you this information to make your trip pleasant.

We give you the opportunity to stop in Country hotels, Agriturismo, elegant hotels or Venetian Villas, for a stay of one or more days with style and comfort, together with luggage transport and many other services.

visits along the way

Experiences and Tasting

Our food & wine is known all over the world, but often finding the location of exclusive producers is not easy, if it is included in a bike trip.

We can show you where to stop to meet and experience the traditions of the area, or change the route to reach the wine or local product tastings comfortably and without wasting time.

For those who are interested, we also offer the opportunity and information to reach and live authentic experiences linked to the traditions and life of the locals, to use their hands in typical processes or productions.

Handmade pasta, grape or olive harvest, crafts and much more are the experiences that make holidays unique.

Additional services

AIG2R bike guides

Booking, AIG2R bike guides certify ISO21102 for unforgettable itineraries or tourist guides for your visits.

People transport

Booking of transport of people to the desired point with NCC service, with the train with the bike in tow

Boats and ferries

Boats and ferries in the Venice lagoon, along the river routes and at Lake Garda. Ticket reservations for you, your group and your bicycles ..

Bike transport

Private transport services for bicycles or luggage, when, where and how you want. Our minivans are at your disposal.


Servizio di prenotazione di esperienze e di degustazione di prodotti tipici per ristoro enogastronomico esclusivo.


Indication services at the info-bikes for rooms, accommodations and more, available along your itinerary.

Booking services

Ask our team: we have the possibility to book for you any service that you can find at the "info-Bike" rental point closest to you. The tour operators have prepared and made available to you mini offers of services along the most popular cycle paths, with transport, visits, experiences and tastings.